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Lee. 15. Philadelphia, Pa. Loves the theater, and everything about it. Hopes to make it to the bright lights of Broadway. My favorite shows are Wicked, Hairspray, Rent, and See What I Wanna See. This journal is friends only. If you comment, I will consider adding you. I'm not crazy, I don't bite. Just try your luck. Remember, this is my personal journal. I do not add friend whores, so only ask to be added if you plan to read my entries and comment. Thanks so much.
>> people
Shoshana Bean Shoshana Bean
my rifftress
Album Norbert Leo Butz
my idol
Album Megan Hilty
my giggle goddess
Album Eden Espinosa
sing it child
Album Kristin Chenoweth
my diva
Album Idina Menzel
utter perfection
Album Ben Vereen
my broadway showman
>> places
TV SHOW New York City
somwhere i belong
TV SHOW Abercrombie
my store
TV SHOW The Stage Door
TV SHOW Philadelphia
my hometown
TV SHOW Starbucks
my addiction
TV SHOW The Stage
need i say more?
>> things
Movie Wicked
defy gravity
Movie Lacoste
my favorite polo
Movie See What I Wanna See
sex on stage
Movie Burberry Brit
my fregrance
Movie Sidekick
the world at my fingertips
Movie Hairspray
you cant stop the beat
Movie Will and Grace
cheers, queers
Movie Rent
no day but today
Movie Ipod Video
my musical genious
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